5G Holograms TECHNOLOGIES Smartphone

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5G Holograms TECHNOLOGIES Smartphone

5G Holograms TECHNOLOGIES Smartphone

5G Holograms TECHNOLOGIES Smartphone Have you ever thought that what you see on your computer or smartphone might one day become a reality if you do not because the day has come that experts are already working on such a technology? Due to the fact that the virtual world is actually 5G its name is the fact that 4G is just a wireless mobile technology

 5G can be used not only in computers or smartphones, plus it will potentially open up amazing opportunities for humanity for example very soon we will all be able to make holographic callers have to wear. Virtual Reality Glasses to turn a person into a hologram and call them a special 3d camera for teleport to see the full three-dimensional personality of the person on the other side, so as not to use these glasses Do not use these glasses.

 It is important to have a special screen that produces three-dimensional holograms as well because you can see that the holograms are not exactly HD, but this technology is still quite impressive, and the experts, among other things, Working to make it easier and easier, Bhaji has a record of data transfer speeds and there is no disruption to the signal and in other words improved communication stability. It can even move in huge quantities.


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