Huawei P30 Pro review Unique camera zoom

Huawei P30 Pro review Unique camera zoom

Huawei P30 Pro review Unique camera zoom
Huawei P30 Pro review Unique camera zoom


DISPLAYOLED capacitive touchscreen
BATTERYNon-removable Li-Po 4200 mAh
PRICES$ 620.99

OK so I just had to tell you at the beginning of this Huawei P30 Pro review Unique camera zoom that the Wall EP30 Pro has been a companion for some time now, the Pro 20 is a plus and it generally doesn’t upgrade the Huawei Mate series by SOC. Has a bunch of features and features but the Wall EP series is really about taking on all the horrible parts of the companion series and when I really say that the Huawei P30 Pro is a companion to the 20 Pro Not kidding, the same treatment 980 SoC still has the same storage and it has a screen fingerprint reader 40 watts charging reverse wireless charging you get the same features What you get in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is really good fashion in front of the body and in a body that really focuses on the camera and when I say this phone is centered on cameras oh what I mean That’s a lot to open here first and most importantly, you’re still getting it.

The Huawei P30 Pro review Unique camera zoom 40-megapixel camera that it has in the Huawei P20 Pro and companion 20 Pro but perhaps the biggest change here is actually the difference from the real camera tip so a regular camera system will get you the green in the blue pixel. What makes this bear or a filter sensor and it basically translates the light and turns it into a color is not done here, it is completely redesigned that a color Taking color with a yellow and a blue sensor means that they did so because the Huawei P20 Pro has a monochrome C There was ahead that could follow his image in more detail and the results were amazing but what you are getting here is in this yellow sensor that you can really find out more about. Common Green Sensor It wraps up the extra red data and then colors all of this kind of information and gives you the extra detail you usually get from something like a monochrome sensor. And there is something amazing too, these pictures and some part of it is due to this 40-megapixel sensor and by default the phone is 10 m The results will set the pixel image that is able to take groups of more than four pixels and bring them into one superpixel that comes in the way. More light data combined with the RGB sensor You are only getting a ton of light information you would not normally find in a smartphone camera.

Huawei P30 Pro review Unique camera zoom

So the second major change to the Huawei P30 Pro camera is the new Periscope 5x optical zoom ‘Probably a lot heard of what they are doing is basically taking a small mechanism and putting it inside the camera sensor. And thus they are able to display the light at about 90 degrees to really flip the camera sensor. 90 degrees and it is amazing technology to fit it inside the phone and now it is optical zoom so theoretically, you should not lose any quality and when you switch to 5x optical mode it is clear.

 As honestly as it sounds these days you are using the Onex Zoom because it is an optical zoom as there is now a 10x AI slash optical mode which basically gives these 5x zoom super samples and then the edges There is additional information on this and it looks equally amazing. Honestly if you need to use your phone for a 10x zoom and still want to get a crystal clear picture then this is the kind of phone that will get you this result now. There’s also a 50x zoom mode but you probably don’t want to use it unless you really need to read the information far enough, but this is really a phone that you basically use as a telescope. It can also be used like a Huawei phone but you have to suffer a bit more damage.

 Drag the display down to any individual image and you get only a ton of detail and if you’ve been on Android or or Twitter in the past few days, you may have seen a very unpleasant amount of low light images. Posted by using this phone and I am saying that this is the lowest light camera on the market right now in a smartphone that you can withstand Google Pixels Nightlight and it is better that I do not You know, that’s good to say.

 The noise is low It just brings the pictures in front of them as the scene is light I took these pictures outside in a crazy darkroom in a crazy dark scene and it looks like they were taken during the day. It’s just ridiculous. Wow wow, this applies to video too and the video doesn’t really see any noise in really low situations and if you are a very heavy video user on your smartphone.

Huawei P30 Pro review Unique camera zoom

This is the phone to beat for it so one aspect that really surprised me about the Huawei P30 Pro review Unique camera zoom is the amazing video durability. Now I don’t talk too much about the video in my reviews but as you would call it. Can be seen being shot on a Huawei P30 Pro right now and it is so smooth it basically looks like it’s on a gamble which is just crazy I think it’s using a wide camera and then Farming and just using a mix of OS in me but as you can see the lighting is really nice in my face. But it’s nice to have a nice background and it really highlights in the shadows to create a very good image that is extremely stable so in addition to the 5x optical zoom lens and this standard 40-megapixel lens. You’ve also got a wide-angle lens and it’s not as wide as the Samsung Galaxy 10 but it’s still decent enough and it’s really good to have the ability to hold such shots but if you Crazy crazed want something to go for the Samsung Galaxy 10, they also found a time-of-flight sensor on the back of this phone that ported to this phone. Rate mode helps things like that, but it’s not as good as Google’s Pixel Portrait.

Mode but this is still a lot better than other phones Huawei P30 Pro review Unique camera zoom that we have seen you can now also use portrait mode in the video which is why I have been waiting for awhile to get mad at this phone too. There is a high-resolution selfie camera that shows a ton of details and I really like the color processing in it, though I’m not really sure I want to see that much detail on my face, but honestly the more megapixels the better. Is. Like to see a hole cartoon style display in this Huawei P30 Pro review Unique camera zoom like what we saw in the Galaxy 10 is using a water drop notch that looks like we have seen in every 20:18 phone so that the only one feels Is a little outdated but it is honestly a personal preference when it comes to power and process. This phone is really amazing. The Mate 20 Pro and Samsung have a slightly larger battery than the Galaxy S10, but the battery life is amazing.

 I got about 10 hours of screen time on this phone which is absolutely crazy I’m not sure I got a screen for 10 hours on time on my first run on any phone and I know A lot of people don’t like the screen time as a percentage of the battery so I’ll put it in context I picked up my phone from the charger at 9 am all day. I used to be a relatively heavy user. Morning: 00: Until Red PMS, like browsing Reddit and Instagram and all that stuff because I couldn’t sleep and woke up in the morning. One used to be around noon or one o’clock and finally it got 5% so I could

 Take this screenshot and it’s pretty much true in the battery life of the day. I don’t think I did. I saw a phone that really enabled today’s battery life where I could. I can use it for two straight days without dying, but the Huawei P30 Pro review Unique camera zoom really checks this box so the other amazing thing is the 40-watt super charge that is available when this phone goes up 5%. I placed it on the super charger when it came to the shower for bath and when I came out it was like 65 or 70% and it is as unrealistic as the ability to charge your phone. If you are in the shower it is down 5% after two days and you do not have to worry about battery life on your phone much and if you are hoping for a smaller phone. So did you cover it?

 At the same time, they have also got the Huawei P30 Pro review Unique camera zoom, which is a small phone which has this headphone jack which is not the only thing Prism 5x Optical Zoom This is a 3x optical zoom but it is actually three times Well then Huawei P30 Pro review Unique camera zoom is because it is really optical 3x where P30 Pro is only 5x optical so if you are like 99% other users of this planet then you probably care most about camera and battery life. And honestly, it seems to beat the Wall-e-P30 Pro phone in 2019 so far in both aspects it has got a very stellar camera system which is blind.

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