Samsung Galaxy Fold Top 5 Features

Samsung Galaxy Fold Top 5 Features

Samsung Galaxy Fold display 

How Do I Feel The Samsung Galaxy Fold Top 5 Features of This Foldable Phone Let’s get started and our first feature is to display in a particular setting whether there is a display and not one that you are currently viewing on the inside display. And phones can’t have a 7.3-inch screen in this form factor because they just don’t fit in your pocket. Having this phone for multimedia use has been great considering what I’m doing. Some gaming is watching videos but one thing that is also great is to read documents or articles that fit so much on screen. If you can hold out a hand when you can not read without really communicating on your screen at the scrolling. n I’ve read about a lot of different deals and it’s nice to see black bars up and down because of the aspect and ratio while watching some videos without having to deal with such a grip all the time.

Go Now, this is much bigger than any phone screen when YouTube does not let you go to Netflix using this content but you can pinch the zoom but in some of the content I see I find it There’s no objection to cutting it off so you can take advantage of this touchscreen, yes you have a crease in the middle of the display that has a white display on it.

Or a black display so when I’m using the content it’s not such a big deal and yes if you want to have a foldable phone you have to craze the display right now so I’m totally fine. That it has to be Samsung Galaxy Fold inappropriate Now you have to remember that this is one of the first phones you can fold the screen and I have already been on a road trip to New York I am taking a flight to and there is a large number of screens. I can fit in my pocket that there has been a game-changer that eliminates the need for me to carry a separate tablet to my next feature, and Samsung has done a really good job of finding that people are now using this phone. How to use With a small display, you may be browsing something by accident or you might check an email or a notification that you need to interact with. Is browsing Reddit from and you see something you want to read that you might not be doing

Want to read it on the small screen so you can open it with a continuation of the app and it’s ready to go to the page you have and you can go ahead and whatever content you were using was small. I can read or interact with them. The screen is now really close when I turn off the phone so when I reopen the phone I’m back to the home screen however they did a great job with the reverse app sequence where you can pick and choose apps that will keep running.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Settings | Apps

All you have to do when you turn off the phone is to jump into the settings and you’ll see apps running on the front screen so it gives you a list of the apps that have the option Has used the camera continuously on the front screen. Lots of audio apps so you can watch a meditation that I’ve used in leftover Google Maps so if you want to go ahead and test a pocket cast, that’s what you can go ahead and listen to a podcast. Looks like they’ve got something.

There is a dark mode update so we say that I am listening to one of these podcasts that I usually listen to and I play and I will turn off the phone so that you will stay unlocked and release this particular app. This is nice because many times I will turn it off and then when I get in it quickly the podcast can browse and do some other things so especially those apps are the ones I used. But once again the continuation of the app is well thought that Samsung has made our next feature a faster one.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Battery life

This is very important and it is on a capable phone that you are using battery life and I am using more and more media power and I am impressed with the battery life so I I’ve used it a little bit today and it’s 40% on battery and it’s already on the four-hour screen so you can see I’m using it a lot as I’m gaming in the video. Watching and it gets me through a whole day like I said when I go on and on road trips

To maintain just such a build quality of this phone our next feature is the ability to multitask especially on such a large display and Samsung has done a great job with its software which you do One quick swipe from the right.
You can do this while on the ground by skipping or portrait mode and letting you know that you are on the bus, you can customize the instant apps that appear on the right and you can customize this specific video. Want to have a snap chat without leaving you can go ahead and snap a photo of it.

The picture sends it on its way and then it will reload the video if you just go back and forth to the app, this is a quick example I do this with text messages every time I Using some content you push applications from one way to the other depending on how you want to view the content and you do not have to open two apps at the same time. It can open up to three apps in time and yes there is a lot to learn. You need to know the specific scenarios you need to know about. Apps you want to open, but it is amazing that they offer the ability to customize the functionality of these apps and you can not be up here, but you can go left and right.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Top 5 Features

However, if we want to go ahead and watch more videos while browsing our Twitter timeline and reading an article, you can go ahead and do so for a long time on Samsung’s phone. Worth putting in so you can go ahead and pop out quickly. The app over here and then if you tap on it you can scoop it down like a small bubble and you can swipe where you want if you have two apps open at the same time and then you’re fine. As such, let’s go back to the specific app you can find in the floating window so multi-tasking is even more useful because you have more screen real estate with our multimedia consumption video gaming, our fifth and final one. It is a top feature.

It needs some speakers to go along with it and Samsung has done a good job with the stereo speaker which has a speaker underneath you and the top one together, and now the one thing I want to mention further. Go and play a fast song. About half the volume I would change it so Mike could pick it up in just a second, but the trend for me, especially during gaming, is to hold the phone as the camera bump is there and I Don’t want to be under the control of the thumb but when I start gaming with my hands I will hide the speakers that are in the bottom corner so this is not an issue when watching the video. Usually, I can see it with the sound But it doesn’t matter when gaming.
The camera makes sense with the bump so I want Samsung to actually put just one type of speaker on the other side of the plate so this is just my personal opinion but other than that the quality has been great again so wish they could change it a little Place a little bit and really hope so.


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