Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Quick Look

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Quick Look

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Quick Look

We’re in the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Quick Look Unpacked 2019 where they release the Samsung Galaxy 10 Plus S10S10E Galaxy which has 10 5G and the new Galaxy S10 Foldable phone is a ton of new phones but other than that there are also items that they have just announced that the latest devices we are just taking a look at

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Quick Look is dynamic now it is a cheap model mainly Samsung Galaxy Clock does not have rotating bezel so it is definitely going to be a bit lower end but it is about the same price point I have a Fitbit Versa like this for Rs 200 but it has features like NFC so you can pay as a heart monitor which is really excellent which is interesting about this watch though wireless charging. The capabilities are the same so you can throw it on your Samsung wireless charging pad which also charges your phone or if you Has a new Galaxy S10 Koski so 10 of them are phones wireless charging capabilities have been reversed

So if your watch is running low on energy instead of just dying and can’t use your watch at all, you can put your phone on this reverse wireless charging and put your watch on the phone. Now it affects other watches in which it is running, which means that the app ecosystem is a bit limited.

Aware of this, the OS is not running though where it seems that the OS is a large battery hug so if you pre-order one of them it should last a while. The watches will get you a free wireless charging pad in the box and at 200 which really isn’t that bad.

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