The best laptops of Computex

The best laptops of Computex

The best laptops of Computex

There is an interesting The best laptops of Computex here where you will find very strange designs but this year there are also really interesting laptops so we decided to go ahead with our five laptops designs of copy text 2019 so first Nudie and Then there is a collaboration between a bunch of other brands but we really want to highlight the Razer version so this is the Roger Blade 15 Studio Edition and here’s the idea that they really wanted to make it easier for creators to find laptops.

The best laptops of Computex Display 

 This works for them so this Roger Blade 15 Studio Edition has a 15-inch OLED display which is 4K and it uses the beautiful Nvidia Quadro 5000 which is a graphics card that has traditionally Has been in use.

The best laptops of Computex Processor

For more 3D rendering purposes and it has Intel Core i7 97 50H, which is a 6 core 12 thread CPU and therefore this laptop is absolutely incredible it also got 32 gig RAM and one terabyte memory so that You got this laptop in Nissan specs and next time it comes in really beautiful color. We have a beautiful ZenBook Pro duo and we have a really dedicated video for it so if you want to see it There is a link there.

Here but effectively this is a 15-inch laptop with an LED display, it has got 32 gigabytes of RAM and a terabyte of storage, but the really interesting thing about this laptop is that A separate screen has been found on the keyboard called Screen. The pad and effectively one for which it is able to multitask from different apps so you’ve got a central window on your laptop that you would normally use just like any other laptop if you had a screen pad. I can really drag other windows into a multi-task.

Effectively it now includes an Intel Core i9 processor and NVIDIA r-tx 2060 GPUs so it’s really a laptop built for the creators Next up we have the Dell XPS 13 70 390, which is now a 2 I have 1 laptop if you really like it

The original Dell XPS 13 now integrates into a tablet so that you can do things like tent mode in your hand, such as drawing it in your hand. This is really an interesting concept that we’ve seen in Dell. Previously, but now it has been put into this new laptop, this is the first laptop that is being used by Intel’s new isolated processors based on their 10th generation processor based on a 10-nanometer processor and It got 2.5 times the performance of the previous processor that Intel was using here. You think this laptop is not as powerful as it is a There is a thin inline notebook in the bottom half and it’s super thin, but in fact, it has reached 32 gigabytes of RAM and a terabyte of storage so you can actually pack a lot of data there. Now you’re not going to get a dedicated gaming graphics card like the Nvidia r-tx 2060 in this device, but this new Ice Leak processor has iris plus graphics that Intel says will be better than the previous generation. Are.

The best laptops of Computex

Lenovo’s project became unlimited, primarily partnered with Qualcomm to produce the first 5G ready laptops, now the first to use a laptop that welcomes a new 8CX processor with its equivalent processing power. As for Intel’s last year’s Core i5 8250, your mobile processor is an Army-based processor that is as powerful as Intel has been for years, and when we have this laptop in no time in 2020 As you can see, it’s wonderful to see an amazing 5g laptop that has incredible battery life and performance like e. Mobile laptops last and last year from last year but at least we got two different concept laptops from Intel that are not available in the market but they showcase what you can do with a laptop. Are.

 The first laptop of today and today is called the Honeycomb Glacier and what is effectively this laptop is a laptop that has to be replaced by such a SaaS laptop which we are talking about. Has spoken before but this one laptop goes up evenly so you get a separate screen that is at exactly the right angle of the keyboard and then you get the main screen that comes up It looks a bit like the Trapeze type deal here.

 But it’s built for gaming so the regular screen is all right in front of you, and then you’ve got an angle display that can show things like stats on which you can run a lubricant. But it’s not separate from the keyboard so it’s not built into the keyboard so it’s really cool to look at, and another concept device we got from Intel is called the Twin Rivers, and if you have a basic Microsoft ear Have seen the device’s concepts, which is quite similar to the fact that this is basically a laptop that runs on two screens Contains what looks like a small book that you open and it’s a fan list that I’m here for so it’s just two screens that are both touchscreen and they’re running an Intel U series processor. Which it is 15 watts but it is quad-core and it is actually a flawless design which is cooling the fever chamber just to cool the whole thing it is also made of really good fabric material so it looks like When you’re wandering around a book, take a walk with it if you’re an artist who just wants to draw attention to things on the go and you’re a real P So this is a really cool concept, so this is what our Computex has been doing for our laptop roundup in 2019. But we weren’t really expecting a lot of news in Computex.

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