Vivo V17 Pro What is new Features

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Vivo V17 Pro What is new Features

Vivo V17 Pro What is new Features

Vivo V17 Pro What is new Features is an updated mid-ranger from Vivo that has everything you could expect on your modern smartphone but it lacks any warning. For this and this is a user experience which is quite good, there is Angie Fragium Marina about this phone and it is reviewing the Vivo V 17 pro from behind us holding pearls. ۔ The highlight is elegant and the quad-camera setup is a bit unusual, and there is no hump, and although most fingerprints are taken from the rear, they are also not noticeable for the most part and are used for regular use. The smoke afterward does not look like a fair. The phone also features a Gorilla Glass 6 in the front and rear in the plastic frame, so one of the reasons it looks very solid is because of its weight and its large number, so maybe this is the reason you are just Want to use.

 The reason is that the rear screen is on the edge of the protector a bit sharp on the front you will find around 6.5 inch OLED screen which has thin bezels all around and there is no point to talk about and This is thanks to the motorcycle dual selfie camera setup at the top of the phone. You know the airspace is placed here – it may be one of the weakest parts of the phone but it has been detected in the fall so when it detects a free fall, try to pull it back. So you’ll be safe.

 Even if it does hit straight, the AMOLED screen itself is a pretty full HD panel with a very nice brightness of 500 knots and when you switch to the natural contrast when displaying the black ones We have no light. In the upper part of the accuracy camera you will find another surprise is the headphone jack in front of the camera and our lab test stuff was not perfect with wired headphones and we are more in that regard you call it decent but unless You don’t have amazing headphones. There will probably be no fingerprint reader on the bottom of the display to see any difference, and it depends on the speed or speed and the unlock animation you use also has a face unlock option. Although it is not particularly secure at the bottom of the phone you will get a USB.

Vivo V17 Pro What is new Features

Vivo V17 Pro What is new Features

The C-port and single down-firing speakers on this portable lens are nothing like it, and the audio quality is average but loud as far as software goes OS 17.1 Touch OS 9.1 above Android 17 I really think this is a pretty weird name for an OS, but let’s ignore that we are hoping that it will update to Android 10 in the future, it’s a busy UI with lots of options and many, many more. You have apps installed from Half of them can be uninstalled but you’re still stuck with the ViewView app and some you’ll find that there is no app drawer but naturally you can always install Third-Party Launcher if you really want to. If you miss it, you can customize it with Themes or Dark Mode. Some batteries will help as the screen is an AMOLED that you can choose between gestures or navigation buttons

 Personally I always prefer gestures because it has more screen real estate and it looks more fluid but some of my peers prefer navigation buttons which is a weird thing that swiping down causes faster toggles in front. Won’t show up, but will only show current notifications if you want to adjust brightness or change your Wi-Fi settings so you have to swipe from the bottom left corner despite the heavy UI. Snapdragon 675 should be enough to power the phone as a daily driver that chips can easily handle multitasking and web browsing, but gaming will not be as spectacular if it’s a heavy game thanks to four thousand. One hundred million power batteries have got the Vivo V17 Pro What is new Features. One hundred seven hours of excellent rating The phone supports 18 watts fast charging and with a box charger, you can get from zero to 40% in half an hour.

The H17V6 Pro has four cameras with a four-megapixel main shooter with 13-megapixel telephoto and 8-megapixel ultra-wide and 2-megapixel depth sensors with 12-megapixel daylight snaps. Some shots produced shots
The good thing is that we have seen recently that the colors are fancier and the sky can be a bit off-balance for some of the flavors but we think that they are very good. There is no point in switching to 48-megapixel mode. Because you often won’t get better photos. The portraits of any of the default 12 megapixels were detailed and the separation was excellent too, but you should know that if you want a background blur you should click on Bukit mode portrait mode on this phone. The 13-megapixel telephoto works only when light and surprisingly high – it saves 12-megapixel photos – the photos are great but they have a lot of noise in the main camera and the telecom Due to the low light ray you can get from a camera sniper main camera instead the ultra-wide low pixel is low compared to the other two cameras. Subtle but colorful contrast to the noise level and are still outstanding macro shots You have to shoot ultra Wright can also use the Q, which yielded an average of terms.

Vivo V17 Pro What is new Features

They can be immensely fun to experiment with in Volvo, which has a Night mode and takes about a second to shoot which helps to balance the details and the general appearance in the shadows, but the Night Mode shot and a The difference between permanent low light is not mind-blowing. If the environment is really dark, it helps with less blurry shots and makes more sense to use at night. Ultra-wide lenses have extremely poor photo noise. The reduction was aggressive and too stinky for fine detail.

 Its exposure was still dark, though you can take four key videos at 30 fps with the main camera Ultra-wide camera can only record full HD videos and the telephoto camera cannot capture videos in every footage. Details were accelerated in 4k but not so. The leading full HD videos of the class were also very good but as always the field was corrupted if you switch to ultra-wide videos it has a lot of detail but the colors are off and the footage is noticeably hotter. Needless to say, despite being a megapixel 32 megapixel, the selfies are lacking in detail and speed and we’ve seen some noteworthy performances. The good thing is that in a night mode and a really dark environment and the world of difference is ultra-wide. Selfies are made on average

 Detailing and a bit soft but they still allow me to fit more into the frame and the good color and contrast the Vivo V17 Pro What are new Features looks like it has a good camera all in one good chipset larger battery life There’s a good screen that looks like this. The whole package but its biggest flaw is actually the price that is not competitive and the other phones cost half the money so if this phone has caught your eye then I would recommend it only if you Wait for the price to drop.


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