What is Kirin 980? Explains

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What is Kirin 980? Explains

What is Kirin 980? Explains

This is the new processor What is Kirin 980? Explains that it is about to enter the Huawei Mate 20 which is being announced in October. If you are wondering what the Curing 980 means then I would like to first explain to you that I would like to say that you can join me in this video today so we are looking at some aspects of Kering 980’s architecture as well as its performance.

So we just jump right into it and when we look at the CPU of this processor, we see that we have a 76 and a cortex going 55 with the quartz, and this is the first generation for two reasons. What is more important than the K-Ren 970, which uses Cortex-A 73 while we have left the court on racism, is 75 and has gone straight to Cortex 76 with its That means when you compare the performance of the 980 to the performance of the 980 versus the 970 you see that the CPU performance is second to none. Using dynamic which is a new way of organizing a CPU core within the SoC so you can get eight processor cores in the same cluster. And when you talk about multiple processing, when you talk about high-performance cores and energy-efficient cores you will find contacts with those below the tradition.

What is Kirin 980? Explains

Before that, you could say that the court is one of the seven to four and then the Cortex a53 four of them but now with Cory 980 things are a little different. There are five calls but in fact, they are re-configured in the ‘two plus two plus fork setup’ because the maximum clock speed of the first two quarters of a syllabus is 2.6 GHz then in the next two circles. Eight vacant seats will have a maximum of 1. 9 two GHz and then finally you have to predict that it is 55 call and they are clicking at 1.8 GHz which gives it a good thread performance because one of those high-speed clocks caught that It will use 76 calls and then when it comes to a multi-dimensional situation, you get four-fours and sixty-four calls, and then, of course, these courses, including those eight calls, have a total of fifty-five calls so that the overall performance can be reduced to one. Heavy threading and a significantly higher thread in Multi-Key 980 have just talked about its preparation.

It is a seven enemy 2 process available in the latest node available from TSMC and while we are proud to be the first to be one of seven nanometers and it has six point nine billion transistors. And that’s five points above the five billion transistors that you find in the Corning 970. They should talk to the GPU for a moment. The Corning 980 has got the MG7.

6 with ten cores inside it and this caring will offer a 46% performance increase compared to the 970 that had the financial g72 inside it so we are once again looking for a significant CPU boost. And the GPU adds some noteworthy things now that 980 NPU units have been found which NP units we first found in a row in 970 now double the caring 980 And when it comes to it should have a hundred percent performance. In PU processing and again I found a whole video about the use of NPS and how they work in 970 and it’s basically the same story in 980 and you can find the link to it in the statement below. Also worth noting is that the 980 uses a higher clock speed lpddr4 memory which you should increase the overall memory bandwidth by 14% as I mentioned earlier that uses the new CPU dynamic That means for the first time we have a Huawei processor with a level 3 catch and for comparison please test Snapdragon 845 which has 2 mag There was a byte-level 3 cache while in 980 we once again opted for 4 megabyte level 3 cache, which would be a significant improvement overall.

What is Kirin 980? Explains

Performance of this processor As you would expect in this process you will need everything else including a new and improved evening signal processor inside you and the cat 21 and the cat 18, so just a moment. Talk about performance for statistics when we are referencing and we can only go

When we are referencing that in the single thread score for Geek Bench, the Keyline 980 score will get 3606 over 3000 360 which is 37% higher than the current single-thread score of Snapdragon 845 and when GP Huawei is certainly referring to Huawei once again, and they are saying that GPU in 980 is faster than GPU in Snapdragon 845, but there are two faster ones, the caveat is that it has GPU. Enhancement technology needs to be enabled and something that has to be created within the game is not something you automatically get the game to achieve that extra framerate. The technology has to help and secondly, there are allegations that we are cheating a little

When it comes to stopping benchmark performance when it comes to benchmarking, we really have to wait until we get our teammates in 20 hands to see what the actual standards are. And of course, they all mean that when it comes to the Android ecosystem, they are comparing it to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and we know that Qualcomm will probably have a new chip.

Which he is going to announce sometime in December. New handsets that may arrive in 2019 but the fact that you can now actually get the Mate 20 in 2018 with this processor with the court is 76 with the modern bead processor is fine so you have this new Cairn 980. Has the latest GPU speed memory better than NPU looks like a new improved image signal processor so it looks like a really cool package.


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