How To Check Shorting In A Smartphone With Multimeter

by Farhan
How To Check Shorting

You will learn how to test your mobile phone for shorting by using a multimeter in this tutorial. The following explains in very simple terms that anyone can understand: 

  • Check the half-shorting
  • Completely shorting a mobile phone 

Digital Multimeter attached to PCB. There are solutions for normal feature phones, Android phones, and Apple iPhones.

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Understanding Mobile Phone Battery Connectors

  • You can see the following diagram where all of the connectors explain very clearly.
  • Their Meaning and Abbreviation.

Mobile phones with removable batteries use these mobile battery connectors. The flexible design allows scale-up and scale-down of the system. It matters not where you stand, how tall you are, or what pitch you are working on.

Check The Half-shorting

The condition of a mobile phone PCB that is half-short is called half-shorting. If the Phone gets switched on, but it drains the battery very quickly. There is a dry solder spot on the phone’s PCB. There is a small component, such as an SMD capacitor, which is not functioning properly and removed/replaced.

Completely Shorting

A mobile phone that has a full short or full shorting on its PCB is a phone that won’t turn on and is thus dead. It is a Faulty component, and the Board carefully checked to determine what caused the problem.

How to Check Half Shorting

  1. Make sure the Digital Multimeter is in BUZZER mode.
  2. The forwarding phone’s battery connector check. 
  3. The Multimeter should read 1 if the PCB is OK and no short exists.
  4. When the value in the forwarding check is 25, then a half-dollar short is indicated.
  5. The battery connection checks in reverse. 
  6. The multimeter value must fall between 350 and 650 to indicate that there is no shorting on the PCB.
  7. Half Shorting occurs in Reverse Checking if the value is 350.
  8. The same value appears in forwards and reverses checking.

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How to Check Full Shorting

  • The BEEP sound will occur in both Forward and Reverse Checking when the full short condition is present.
  • Whenever we connect the Positive (+) and Negative (-) to a DC Power Supply 
  • When using the phone but not turning on the machine, the amp and machine start to drop
  • Also, the phone’s PCB has a Full Shorting.

How To Fix Shorting On A Mobile Phone

  1. To fix half-shorting, you must disassemble the phone and thoroughly clean the PCB with IPA. A hot air blower machine uses to apply heat to the entire board.
  2. Check if the problem resolves by reassembling the phone
  3. Problems are usually solved in most cases. In any case, check for small SMD capacitors near the battery connector if a half-short still exists. You should remove the faulty one.
  4. If the DC Power Supply Machine is fully short. Both positive and negative batteries connections connect to it. Amps start to decrease if the phone isn’t turn on. Essentially, this means the PCB is fully short. When you touch the faulty component, you can feel the heat. It is necessary to replace this component.

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