How To Increase The Battery Life Of Your Smartphone

by Farhan
How To Increase The Battery Life

It is common for smartphones to drain their batteries quickly. Samsung and other brands of mobile phones support Android and iPhone.

Android phones have poor battery life due to several factors. Phone batteries drain faster as their: 

  • The body becomes thinner
  • It becomes brighter on screens
  • A faster processor
  • More and more software is running in the background
  • As a result, manufacturers are also adding more powerful batteries.

Android can be difficult to understand when it comes to software. There is a different operating system for each manufacturer. The layout or location of specific settings and features will always be different.

Smartphone Quick Battery Drainage Problem

Almost all of us use a smartphone every day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Android or iPhone or a well-known brand like: 

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Xiaomi, Huawei
  • An iPhone
  • Oppo
  • Mobile
  • Lenovo
  • Motorola
  • Nokia or Chinese-made smartphones.

Despite the growing popularity of smartphones, battery life is still a major problem. The issue of fast battery drain concerns many people. Therefore, you must learn about some Tips and Practices that can help you increase the battery’s lifespan.

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1. Avoid Overheating Your Smartphone

Heat is a threat to lithium-ion batteries. The majority of modern smartphones use lithium-ion batteries. You must follow some tips so that your Android phone or iPhone does not get overheated.

  1. Your smartphone should never be placed on your dashboard
  2. Play graphically intensive games without charging your smartphone 
  3. You can damage your phone’s battery by increasing the temperature and using this app
  4. Charge your smartphone battery at a temperature of 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

2- Enable The Power Saving Mode

Use the power-saving mode on your phone to reduce the number of functions that drain the battery. But an Android 10 phone from Samsung will offer four. 

High-performance screens use more battery due to their increased brightness and resolution. Battery life is balanced between performance and optimization. With power management mode, you can reduce data use, brightness, and resolution.

Adaptive power saving mode can also be activated, which goes over your other settings. The battery usage can be managed based on where and when the device is used.

3- Watch Your Network Data

Data networks drain your battery, so you should always use Wi-Fi whenever you can. The quick settings panel on your phone allows you to turn off cellular data services if you want your phone not to use cellular data. Additionally, you can disable all data network features by switching to Airplane Mode. Incoming calls and SMS messages will be disrupted by this.

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4- When Your Phone Is Charging, Do Not Use It

While charging, you are wasting energy and damaging your smartphone’s battery. When the phone is charging, a damaged battery can result. Even the slightest amount of use will stop the complete charge cycle.

  1. Battery management apps from third parties shouldn’t be used
  2. Always use your phone’s charger
  3. Don’t buy chargers from unknown brands
  4. When charging your phone, remove the protective case
  5. There is no need to always use fast chargers
  6. Your phone should never be left charging all night
  7. At least 80% of your smartphone’s battery should be charged

5- Use Apps To Control Your Android

App developers have a lot to do to create apps that run efficiently. While you may not use them, they will still run automatically in the background. The data and battery life will be consumed over time.

  • It is advisable to put specific apps to sleep if you want them not to drain your battery too much. 
  • It is important to note that sleeping apps and deep sleeping apps won’t receive updates unless they are being used. 
  • This will require manual updating.
  • Within Settings, you can choose individual apps from the Apps section. 
  • Alternatively, you can disable background activity or optimize the battery consumption.

If you want to clean up your battery, you should periodically look at the apps that are draining it. Most quickly to see if any outliers need deletion or disabling. Detailed information about battery usage can be found under Settings.

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