Mobile Phone Hanging Up Problems And Solutions

by Farhan
Mobile Phone Hanging Up

Mobile phones hanging up and making the phone slow is a very common problem. This usually happens to low-cost phones. Here we will discuss the Reasons. The reason why your phone hangs often and how you can make it stop.

If your phone is frequently hanging or running slowly, there are several possible causes.  Learn about these reasons and how they can be solved.

1. Low RAM

With a low RAM phone, if you try to make it do the job of a high RAM phone, it will hang. 

For example: 

If you are using an application or game that requires 3 GM of RAM on a 1 GB phone. It will hang. The hanging problem occurs when you try to multitask on your low RAM phone.


Use your phone with Low RAM for light apps, games, and other tasks. To Clear, these recent data Go to:

  • The settings menu 
  • Applications
  • Choose an app that is frequently used
  • The storage of data
  • Clear data

To free up your phone’s memory and reduce hanging. You can apply the same process to other apps that you use frequently.

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2. Low Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of smartphones is limited. Data such as: 

  • The videos
  • A game
  • Images 
  • Documents and other data

Our phones are filled with these apps. You will need enough storage space for your smartphone to run without interruption. Your mobile phone will likely hang or freeze if you use up more than 80% of its storage. Nowadays, it is recommended to use more than 75% of your phone’s storage capacity.


  1. Clear your browser’s cache regularly
  2. Uninstall games and apps that you don’t need
  3. Data such as photos and videos that are unnecessary should be deleted.

3. Malware Apps

The apps that you download from risky websites or sources that are unknown are often infected with viruses and are thus harmful to your device. The virus interferes with your phone’s background processes and causes the device to hang up. 

Clicking ads on a website can lead to installing malware on our phones without our knowledge. Several other apps have the same problem.


  • Antivirus software can sometimes be required to remove very persistent viruses. 
  • Visit your phone’s App Store
  • You can search in the search box
  • Write Antivirus software
  • Install your preferred antivirus app. 
  • To get rid of viruses that could cause your phone to hang, launch the app and scan your files.

4. Overheating – Hanging Up

When your phone is heat-up, it hangs and sometimes restarts when you continue to use it. Heat should be maintained between 35 and 38 Celcius on a smartphone. You can get your phone to heat up if you constantly use it for several hours. Eventually, it will result in hanging.


 The ram on your phone is used up quickly when you play games in large sizes. It stretches your phone’s capability while it is running, which causes it to hang. Don’t download these games if your phone has a small memory.

5. Outdated operating system/software

Your phone may hang and get slow if you use an outdated OS or Software. Mobile Phone Manufacturers provide regular updates to their phones. Keeping your smartphone’s software up-to-date is the key to maximizing its functionality.

There is no regular software update from the phone manufacturer. With Mobile Phone Repairing Software Tools, you can then flash the latest OS yourself.

Reset All Factory Settings

The tips above will not work if all of them fail. The software on your phone should be reset. Resets a device to its factory settings. In order to prevent losing any important information. Ensure you backup your data before you perform this fix.

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Budget phones with fewer specifications are more likely to hang than premium devices. The tips above should help you to fix the hanging issue on your phone.

How To Fix A Hanging Phone

If your phone is still hanging after trying all these tips. Thus, the problem must be hardware-related. It is recommendable to get your phone repaired by a reputable company in cases like this.

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